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Why Bias Hiring Practices Is Costing You Great Talent

When we hire people, we want them to be able to fit into the culture. This is quite natural as we want to be around people who are like us. As much as this can be a great component of company culture it can also be a huge hindrance. There is a difference between someone who does not fit into company culture and someone who doesn’t fit your ideal of who should be welcome into the company culture.

It can be helpful to have candidates answer the exact same questions in the interview in order to make an equitable decision between candidates. Steer away from having conversations that could take you away from their performance. Things such as talking about your favorite place to visit when you are in their hometown, or if you root for the same sports team can help you stay focused on looking for someone who can fill the job qualifications.

Also, it would behoove your organization to consider candidates who have incredible soft skills and who are extremely coachable. Bill Ackman is a famous investor known to hire people with sports and fly fishing backgrounds because of the soft skills they possessed. He knew he could teach them the financial side , and he prioritized hard work and critical thinking that couldn’t be taught. Knowing what you are looking for and sticking to a script while hiring can help take some of the bias out of the process. Also choosing people who may not have the traditional job qualifications but amazing soft skills and coachability could be the best person to hire for the position because of the enthusiasm and fresh perspective they bring to the table.

We provide a system for Human Resources Departments to create equitable and inclusive hiring to find the best talent. Click the bookings tab today and set up a complimentary consultation with one of our representatives.

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