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Speak with Feminine Power

Corinne was the first and youngest woman to hold the DEI manager position with Goodwill Industries NC at the time of her tenure. As a trusted advisor to C-Suite members she realized women of all backgrounds were experiencing burnout because of a refusal to use their feminine power. Corinne is a transformational expert on leading people, businesses and your personal life through embracing femininity. Her approach gives women action steps to lead in their feminine essence with power, grace and connection. Organizations such as The University of Georgia, Digital Federal Credit Union and 3Q/Dept call on her to help their employees transform business outcomes through embracing femininity. 

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Speaking Topics 

  • Embracing Femininity in The Workplace 

  • Leading with The Feminine

  • Femininity is The Cure To Burn Out 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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