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Who Wants To Be Just A Number?

Many companies are prioritizing data for diversity and inclusion. Although these metrics can be helpful it rarely helps in the culture becoming more inclusive. Can you think of a time where you were excited to be just a number? I cannot and I do not believe others are enthusiastic about being a number to present at the board meeting. Inclusion is about a feeling that people get when they come into a space. Inclusion is about being able to speak up in a meeting with valuable ideas without getting shut down. Inclusion is asking for someone’s opinion who rarely has a chance to speak. These acts are things you will not be able to quantify. However, the feeling it will give your people will speak louder than the numbers you have on a piece of paper. Your people will share how wonderful your culture is without being promoted because that’s how dynamic of a culture you`ve created. Data is great but daring to treat people as individual human beings is better. Keep the data as a part of the plan but do not make it such a priority. Make treating your people well a priority and the data will build itself.

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